Poem Made of Haikus

All of this will pass 
But please, only when you’re sure
It will not cause pain

Accept you are locked
Your strength is necessary
Though temporary

In your mind it is
As easy as sitting down
Slowly and swiftly

Both, for it’s quantum
And you will enter slowly
Into swift understanding

Of all that’s quantum
And of all that is divine
And all that’s peaceful

And do not forget
The questions you have prepared
For the one who knows

‘Can I? Where? When? How?’
When you arrive, do you hope
You want the same thing?

As you do right now (?)
Or do you hope, there, you can
Finally let go?

But, you remember
Too much time letting go
Not enough holding

But, things pass away
It is the nature of all
That has to exist

Enough reminders
For now, take me somewhere nice
So I can replace

I am now a shell
Home without an occupant
And collecting dust

The dust fills holes
Coloured yellow, blue and green
Letters, traditions

We never managed
To tell each other about
Our lives and grandchildren

Bitter lemonade
What a precious thing we lost

I will never stop grieving you
Such is my flaw
And my freedom

Haikus for Jack

I don't remember
The haiku from the workshop
Something about hair

I always recall
The beauty of your thought to
Always bear the cross

Red and yellow balls
Steady hand hovers above
Touching ball, ball, bald

Waiting for a fight
Ignoring the better fight
And losing our keys

The gap falls apart
When two share the fear of gaps
There is no gap there

Walking up the stairs
Self like slinky and self gone
We were horses then

With love and grounding
Alchemy of double dust
Would fail to scare me

A mind finds a mind
A mind sees himself in mind
The meaning of life

Rest atop Big Hands
Warm with smoke and kindness strong
Depart for the night

I need not say more
Burgers, purp skurpers and bud
Budding friendship all

I need not say more
Poems within a poem
The story is one